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Enviromental activities

Our environmental work aims to contribute to a more sustainable society. Both locally and globally. We strive to continuously reduce the environmental impact through continuous improvements in our processes. It may involve new equipment, or just a new way of thinking about efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Miljöbild från Oppgårds

A large part of our environmental impact comes from our wastewater, mainly with organic oxygen-consuming substances and phosphorus. The wastewater goes to our own wastewater treatment plant in Ingvallsbenning where it is purified by a membrane bioreactor before it reaches a lake. Our work focuses on constantly reducing this burden, mainly by reducing wastage in production. This may be possible due to changes in work procedures and staff education.

Oppigårds care about the local food production, therefore we can proudly say that a large proportion of our byproducts from our production is used as animal feed for farmers in the region. Spent grains consisting of malt residues from mashing, becomes food for dairy cows, whereas the yeast, hops and hot brake (a protein precipitate from the brewing process) becomes prime pig food.

To boil our wort, we use a propane burner, gas is a fossil fuel and contribute to global warming through emissions of carbon dioxide. Propane gas is chosen because of its relatively high energy value, its purity in comparison with other fossil fuels such as oil or coal, and since it is easy to transport. The limited availability of electricity has also contributed to our choice of energy for the burner. In the future, we aim to go over to a more sustainable option such as DME or biogas, since the logistics of these options are not currently developed in our region, we have to settle with propane gas for now.


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