Välkommen till vår hemsida.

Den innehåller information om alkoholhaltiga drycker och vänder sig därför bara till dig som är minst 25 år.

Please verify that you are more than 25 years old.

 Jag är över 25 år / I am at least 25 years old


We accept pre-booked groups for a tour at the brewery. A tour takes about three hours. We tell the story about the company, how we brew beer and offer a tasting of the beers we currently have in production. If you wish to book food we have a menu of dishes prepared with our beer as an ingredient. The group needs to choose the same course because we cater from a kitchen in Hedemora. Vegetarian options and special diets are available.


"Sailor's steak" with salad and cucumber 100kr / person
Beer meetballs with potatoes, vegetables and rojo mojo 100 SEK / person
Beer marinated chicken and porter steak with potato gratin alt. potato salad 175kr / person


The cost for a group of up to ten people is 3000 SEK.
Are you ten or more, the cost 300kr / person for those who wish to taste the beer and 200kr / person for those not wishing to sample the beer.
If you book a meal as well the price adds on.
All prices are incl. VAT.
Bookable days are Wednesday - Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.


For reservations, call: 0225-772134 during office hours or by email. If canceled Bookings are confirmed a week before the visit. Visitors who cancel on the day of the visit will be charged the cost of the ordered food.


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